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Plunkett's Sorbolene

For Dry & Sensitive Skin
Free From Harsh Chemicals
Fragrance & Colour Free

Plunkett’s Sorbolene is a premium sorbolene based on the APF (Australian Pharmaceutical Formula) standard. This superior, pharmacy-grade formulation contains the highest grade of BP (British Pharmacopeia) ingredients. Plunkett’s Sorbolene is one of the last remaining, original pharmaceutical-grade sorbolene brands. It is free from harsh chemicals, soap and detergents, parabens, colours and fragrances.

It is professionally prescribed as an effective moisturiser and soap-free alternative. It is an excellent non-greasy treatment for dry, itchy and sensitive skin as well as skin prone to eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. It has an ultra-low irritation potential due to its high standard of purity and best formulation practice.

Sorbolene is an all-purpose cream generally used as moisturiser but it is also often used as an alternative to soap or shaving cream. It is one of the most common and inexpensive varieties of moisturiser on the market and is considered excellent value for money.   Sorbolene formulations can however vary greatly.  Many sorbolene creams include cheap fillers and enhancers, but Plunkett’s Sorbolene is a superior formulation and is one of the last remaining Pharmaceutical grade sorbolene brands. This premium sorbolene is light, non-greasy and absorbs easily.

Pigmentation Treatment

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