Alcohol-free santiser kills 99.9% germs using Microdacyn technology. Perfect for sensitive skin as it is non toxic, fragrance fee and pH balanced.  Alcohol-free alternative to ordinary hand sanitisers.
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Product Info

Microdacyn technology is clinically proven for wound healing - non-cytotoxic to healthy skin, reduces risk of infection and inflammation by physically removing microbes. Using this technology in hand sanitiser ensures efficacy while not damaging or drying sensitive skin.

Alcohol Free - Hand Sanitiser for Sensitive Skin

• Kills 99.9% bacteria

• Alcohol free (avoids skin damage)

• Non cytotoxic (avoids skin damage)

• Non sensitizing and non irritating

• No sting solution for infants and kids

• Fragrance free and pH balanced

• Suitable for all ages

• 250mL spray (can be locked down for transport)

How to Use

1. Apply MicroCleanz hand sanitiser directly to dry hands

2. Rub together to ensure coverage of the entire surface

3. Repeat as required, as often as necessary throughout the day


Electrolysed water, sodium hypochlorite, hypochlorous acid


MicroCleanz does not rely on high levels of alcohol but rather on Microdacyn technology that physically removes germs.

Yes, in a laboratory test, it was shown to kill 99.9999% of 9 common bacteria.

No, MicroCleanz does not sting - perfect for anyone who has to use hand sanitiser a lot.