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Microdacyn is clinically proven to significantly reduce wound healing time.  Microdacyn is different to traditional antiseptics which can cause damage to the healthy skin.  Microdacyn establishes the optimum wound healing environment without irritation, stinging or staining.

Microdacyn Hydrogel reduces inflammation and maintains moisture.  The Hydrogel is used to hydrate wounds as well as effectively removing the microbes that can lead to infection.  Microdacyn is suitable for all types of wounds.

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Product Info

Microdaycn Hydrogel is used to hydrate, protect, and maintain moisture in the wound bed.

MICROBES: Microdacyn physically removes microbes including bacteria and fungi, reducing the risk of infection.

INFLAMMATION: Microdacyn reduces inflammation. Microdacyn is non-irritating and non-cytotoxic – effectively preserving healthy skin. Microdacyn does not sting, stain or cause additional pain.

HEALING: Microdacyn establishes the optimum wound healing environment by maintaining moisture and reducing time to wound healing.

Treat your family’s cuts, burns and abrasions with Microdacyn Hydrogel.
•  Establishes optimum wound healing environment
•  Reduces risk of infection
•  Non-irritating - no sting, no stain
•  Reduced healing time
•  Easy non-touch spray application
•  Suitable for all ages and all wound types
•  No maximum treatment duration

Acute Wounds
•  Cuts
•  Abrasions
•  Burns
•  Minor wounds

Chronic Wounds
•  Diabetic ulcers
•  Venous leg ulcers
•  Slow healing wounds
•  Malodorous wounds
•  Surgical wounds

Compatible with
•  All wound dressings
•  Wound irrigation with Microdacyn Solution
•  Under occlusion (bandages)
•. Positive & negative pressure systems

How to Use

Microdacyn Hydrogel is used for hydrating and protecting wounds.

Apply Microdacyn Hydrogel to hydrate and cover the wound and reduce the risk of infection. It can be used with wound dressings or simply sprayed directly onto wounds as often as required. This is a first aid kit essential!

  1. Spray directly to wound (2-5mm thick) or damaged area
  2. Cover and dress as appropriate
  3. Reapply at each dressing change – up to three times a day
  4. Compatible with all wound dressings

Use on its own or together with the Microdacyn Solution for cleaning the wound. Microdacyn Hydrogel is designed to reduce the risk of infection, inflammation and wound odour.

Microdacyn Hydrogel helps to keep wounds moist, establishing the optimum wound healing environment while effectively removing the microbes that can lead to infections. The Hydrogel forms a covering or barrier over the wound that helps protect and encourage healing.


  1. Spray Microdacyn Solution directly onto the wound to clean and debride. Apply enough so that the area is completely saturated, do not rinse.  
  2. Spray a generous (about 2-5 mm thick) coating of Microdacyn Hydrogel to seal and protect the wound. 
  3. Allow the area to dry and apply an appropriate dressing and/or bandage. Microdacyn Solution and Hydrogel are compatible with all dressings and covers.
  4. Apply at every dressing change or up to three times a day until complete healing is achieved.

Repeat the above steps 1-4 every day until the wound is closed.

•  Use only as directed.
•  Always read the label.
•  If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.


Electrolysed Water, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Magnesium Fluorosilicate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hypochlorous Acid.


Microdacyn is a new generation wound care range.

Solution - Electrolysed water, sodium chloride, sodium hypochorite and hypochlorous acid.

Hydrogel - Electrolysed water, sodium chloride, sodium magnesium fluorosilicate, Sodium Phosphate, sodium hypochorite and hypochlorous acid.

Yes, the Solution and Solugel are TGA medical devices - ARTG numbers 322476 and 322475 (as per packaging).

  • Cleans wounds and maintains moist environment that is optimum for healing
  • Physically removes microbes which can lead to infection
  • Replicates the body’s own infection response
  • Reduces healing time
  • Reduces infection
  • Reduces inflammation

Microdacyn can be used on minor wounds (self treatment) and first aid.   Microdacyn is used in many major Australian hospitals and may be used for ongoing wound care following surgery and/or hospital treatment

Solution is used for cleaning the wound.  Can also be used to saturate gauze and pack wound which would be covered with bandage.

Hydrogel is used to keep wounds moist while enabling healing, reducing the risk of infection.  Hydrogel forms a covering over the wound.

Both the Microdacyn Solution and Hydrogel are available in spray bottles.  This makes application easy and ensure that you don’t need to touch the wound.

Traditional antibacterials tend to sting open wounds and some stain the skin and clothing.  Microdacyn does not sting or stain and has been shown in clinical trials to be more effective than traditional antibacterial wound care products. Unlike traditional antibacterials, Microdacyn doesn’t damage healthy human skin, so it doesn’t sting or burn wounds.

Microdacyn is suitable for all ages.


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