Super-oxidised oral spray using Microdacyn technology.  Alcohol-free and non-irritating spray that supports healing while reducing inflammation and removing microbes.  Use regularly for optimal oral health.
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Product Info

Microdacyn technology is clinically proven for wound healing - non-cytotoxic to healthy skin, reduces risk of infection and inflammation by physically removing microbes. Using this technology in oral spray ensures efficacy while not irritating or stinging delicate skin in an alcohol-free spray. Suitable for mouth ulcers, throat infections, sore throats, oral abrasions, bleeding gums. May be used post dental and surgical procedures and is compatible with fillings and dentures.

• Alcohol free

• Non irritating

• Supports healing

• For sore, red, inflamed throats

• Mouth Ulcers

• Easy spray formula

• Optimal oral health

Recommended for:

• Mouth and throat infections

• Sore, red, inflamed throats

• Mouth ulcers

• Oral abrasions and lesions

• Bleeding and sensitive gums

• Post dental and surgical procedures

• Compatible with fillings and dentures

• Alternative to alcohol washes and throat sprays

How to Use

1. Apply Oracyn three or more times daily, directly to the affected area

2. Ensure the area is well saturated with Oracyn

3. For a sore, red and inflamed mouth or throat use Oracyn as a gargle and rinse

Do not swallow the used solution.


Electrolysed water, sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, hypochlorous acid


No, Oracyn doesn't contain any alcohol and it doesn't sting.

No, Oracyn is non-irritating.


Yes, Oracyn will support healing and reduce the risk of infection.

We don't have any studies of use in pregnant women, and therefore cannot say that it is suitable for use in pregnant women. It is important to note that Oracyn does not contain alcohol.