5 Tips for Summer Skincare

 Now is the time to double down on your SPF. The fiorst sklincare step after your moisturiser each day and remeber to reapply every few hours depending onyour activities. Choose a sunscreen with SPF30+ or higher and ensure you cover all exposed skin, not forgetting spots like your ears, hands, feet & lips.

During the summertime, seasonal dryness is not an issue for our skin. But this doesn't mean that your stop using moisturiser altogether, switch out your heavier face moisturiser for one with a Hyaluronic Acid base and opt for a water-based lotion for your body

Getting amongst the great outdoors can be sweaty work, and that sweat can mean more bad bacteria on the skin leading to irritation & congestion. You need to be cleansing your face & body  daily to remove sweat, bacteria and irritants.

For your face, there are two options - Physical & Chemical (acid based). If you are opting for a physical scrub make sure the beads are spherical & biodegradable so they don't micro-tear your skin or damage the environment. Alternatively, choose a gentle exfoliating peel, with a high concentration of AHA's like Glycolic Acid. This will gently dissolve dirt & impurities with minimal irritation. For your body - Dry Brush! This practice feels amazing and has a long list of benefits. 

Vitamins C, E, &  A do wonders for your skin. Incorporate a serum or a moisturiser that can be layered into your skin and body care routines. Vitamin C can boost collagen, helps to prevent hyper-pigmentation & improves the appearance of fine lines. Vitamin E has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, provides long-lasting moisture & keeps your skin barrier healthy. Vitamin A is the pre-curser to Retinol and has powerful hydration and anti-aging properties