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John Plunkett's SuperBright

Brightens Dull Skin
Rejuvenates Tired Skin
Active Ingredients at Therapeutic Levels

John Plunkett's SuperBright Skincare range is designed to transform dull, tired, lacklustre and lifeless skin into a lighter, brighter, more luminous and radiant complexion.

The most common causes for bland and lifeless skin are unwanted build-up of dead skin cells, dry skin, stress, environmental factors and lack of sleep, and the SuperBright range has been specifically formulated with active ingredients to produce clinically proven results that will transform your dull complexion for brighter lighter, protected, more luminous, radiant skin and texture.

The SuperBright Exfoliating Skin Brightener visibly refines pores, reduces fine lines and surface discolouration using 25% (salon strength) Glycolic acid for overnight results.

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