At Plunkett’s, we are a proudly Australian-owned and made pharmaceutical skincare company with an enduring history that spans 40 years.

Founded by John Plunkett - the former president of the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales - who spent over 40 years as a practising pharmacist.

Our mission is simple, to deliver highly efficacious, affordable, Australian-made skincare products in response to the skin issues that can be caused by the Australian lifestyle.

Our Plunkett’s formulations are uniquely developed by our product development team and steeped in scientific evidence, so we can provide you, our customers with real results at home.

Superfade is Australia’s only over-the-counter hyperpigmentation skin treatment to include the ingredient Hydroquinone, which is considered globally the “Gold Standard” to help reduce unwanted Hyperpigmentation.

Sunspot Cream is a powerful solution that uses a chemical exfoliation process in the form of Salicylic Acid to gently but effectively, dissolve Solar Keratosis, AKA Sunspots.

We offer our customers, solutions to what they see as skincare “problems”, with Plunkett’s regarded as a market leader when it comes to Sun Damaged Skin.

We look forward to solving Australia’s Skin Issues for another 40 years to come.