Plunkett pharmaceuticals is an Australian own and made company that delivers effective, functional and value driven solutions for skincare problems and concerns.

A skincare staple across many Australian homes, we create solutions to soothe, nurture and care for skin that has been affected by the Australian climate and lifestyle. Our brands are created with the sole purpose of treating specific skincare problems and conditions that are commonly found among Australians. Rich with carefully sourced ingredients and formulated with active extracts at the correct therapeutic levels to deliver effective, pharmaceutical grade solutions, we promise to offer products that deliver real and tangible results, are functional and value-driven, and result in healthier, happier skin.

With a rich history dating back 35 years, Plunkett pharmaceuticals was founded by John Plunkett - the former president of the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales - who spent over 40 years as a practising pharmacist.

After graduating in 1938, John Plunkett went on to acquire his first pharmacy in 1946 and in 1963, John purchased his next pharmacy in Avalon, a beautiful location on the northern beaches of Sydney. He then went on to expand the brand with Plunkett’s Pharmacy in Mona Vale and soon after started to develop a range of problem-solving skin care products, specifically designed to soothe and solve skincare complaints commonly associated with the harsh Australian climate, conditions and lifestyle.

A true pioneer at the forefront of Australian cosmeceutical innovation back in his day, Plunkett wanted to revolutionise the market with skincare products that not only looked and felt good, but that were also highly effective treatments with tangible benefits that deliver real and long-lasting results.

The concentrated formulas were developed in the back of his pharmacy with the sole purpose of helping the skin problems and conditions of the sun-loving local community, and they quickly went on to become an Australia-wide commercial success.

With both of his sons Warwick and David at the helm of his skin care company, John later took a back seat and retired after a long and successful career. Warwick soon after followed in the footsteps of his pharmaceutical father and also went on to become the president of the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales. The first time that a father and son have ever held this prestigious position.

With an ethos deeply rooted in solution focused and functional skincare, Plunkett Pharmaceuticals is the epitome of skincare with purpose.

We constantly and continuously utilise effective and pharmaceutical-grade formulations in order to deliver practical skincare solutions that address, soothe and solve skin-related problems and concerns. Our formulations use quality active ingredients at the correct therapeutic levels to deliver real and tangible results to the skin and we endeavour to offer cost effective and competitive prices so that our products are easily accessible by Australians far and wide.