Dry Oil... Huh?

The term dry oil might be leaving you scratching your head in confusion, however it is all about how your skin absorbs the oil, rather than the oil itself.

Oils are already known for nourishing and moisturising your skin (among other benefits), but they do tend to leave you with that heavy sticky feeling after use.

Dry oil, on the other hand, instantly sinks into your skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue. Unlike traditional oils, you don’t have to spend time massaging them in. They are easier to spread, leave the skin subtly fragranced and give it that undeniably sexy sheen that can only come from using, you guessed it, an oil.

They have amazing skin softening effects which is why they are becoming so popular. Dry oils are perfect for those who want to lock in moisture without that greasy afterglow. If you have oily skin and dread regular oils, you are going to love dry oils!

You can use dry oils for your nails, body, and hair.

For your skin

To ensure your skin gets the maximum benefits, apply dry oil right after you take a shower. When these oils are applied to clean skin, they help lock in the moisture and give a smooth finish to your skin without making it look or feel oily. Plus you will be able to get dressed soon after instead of having to wait for them to absorb.

For hair

If you have frizzy hair, dry oils help to tame your frizz and make your hair shine without weighing it down. If you want to control your frizzy hair, apply the oil on damp hair. And if you want to add shine to it, use it as a finisher on your hair (just the way you apply a hair serum). You can even apply it to your scalp as part of an overnight treatment and wash your hair the next day.

For nails and cuticles

Use it just the way you use a cuticle cream. Take a few drops and massage on your nails and cuticles. Let your cuticles soak all the goodness of the oil. This helps to condition your cuticles and strengthen the nails. After 20 to 30 minutes you can wash your hands again.

Dry oils are light and moisturising so they can be used throughout the year.