The NS8 Foot Files: WHY Wetter is Better!

The question is often asked, “Is it better to file your feet wet or dry?” Of course, there are views on both sides. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your preferences, situation, and needs. But let’s go through a few reasons why we believe foot filing is better done wetter.

Traditional Salon pedicures involve soaking feet in water before the filing, cutting, and clipping begins. But many at-home routines skip this step. It’s essential to take the time at home to prepare your skin and make for a smoother experience and optimal results.

Here are a couple of reasons why filing wetter is better.

  • EASIER TO FILE - Soaking feet before filing, softens nails and skin, making filing easier.

  • EASY TO REMOVE DEAD SKIN WITHOUT IRRITATION - Softened skin allows dead cells and rough patches to be easily removed without as much friction, heat or irritation.

  • NO MESS - Filing wet in the shower means you can easily wash away the excess skin and file your feet without the mess!

The next decision is to choose a suitable foot file. There are a few things to consider, like durability and strength. Many foot files deteriorate over time and lose their grit and effectiveness. But as we have discovered, not all foot files are the same!

Plunkett’s NS8 is excited to bring you the NEW NS8 Wet & Dry Foot File with advanced technology. Our new file is versatile and can be used ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ to soften calloused and hardened skin. The advanced technology, SILICONE CARBIDE, adheres to the ergonomic handle for maximum durability for the toughest of heels. NS8 Wet & Dry Foot File dual-action foot file offers coarse and medium sides for heavy or light exfoliation.   

We think wetter is better, so keep your foot file in the shower ready to scrub or try it dry if that’s your preference. If you are time-poor, the new NS8 Wet & Dry Foot File will give you immediate results and the ultimate filing experience.

Finally, you wouldn’t exfoliate your face or body without a moisturiser. So once your feet are dry, follow up with a foot moisturiser or heel balm. NS8 All-In-One Heel Balm is 99% Natural and will leave your feet smooth, soft and hydrated.

Want to know more about foot health and how to care for your feet properly? Check out our other articles for the best tips and tricks to keep your heels hydrated, smooth, and healthy!

Remember to apply gentle pressure when filing. Stop using if the skin becomes sore, inflamed, or irritated. Avoid using on broken skin, and clean your file after each use. Foot files are Not Suitable for high-risk diabetic foot care.