NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser

  • Natural non-foaming cleanser - Face & Body

  • For sensitive, or chronic dry skin prone to Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis

  • No soap or surfactants, including SLS/SLES

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      Product Info

      Plunkett's NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser is a natural, pH-balanced cleanser for sensitive, irritated or eczema prone skin. The emollient-rich formula hydrates and softens your skin, helping to support the skin's natural protective barrier. It does not contain soap or surfactants, including SLS/SLES and will not sting the eyes. It is a gentle, non-foaming cleanser for face and body. Suitable for all ages including babies.

      Clinically tested for irritation on eczema prone skin.

      •  Cleans skin without stripping natural oils

      •  No tear formula - won't sting eyes

      •  pH balanced

      •  Moisturises and hydrates the skin

      •  Nourishes skin

      •  Soothes skin

      •  Coconut Triglycerides and Glycerin are excellent emollients that help the skin replenish its surface and resist moisture loss
      •  Soy Protein strengthens and improves skin’s resilience
      •   Allantoin helps promote skin healing, replenish moisture and rehydrate skin
      •   Zinc Complex is a natural mineral and an essential skin nutrient

      •  No Petroleum or Petrochemicals
      •  No Paraffin
      •  No Propylene Glycol
      •  No Lanolin
      •  No Soap
      •  No SLS/SLES
      •  No Parabens
      •  No Colours
      •  No Perfumes
      •  No Animal Testing

      •  No Petro-Chemicals
      •  100% Money Back Guarantee
      •  Australian Made and Owned
      •  No Animal Testing
      •  Vegan Friendly

      Proud supporter of EAA (Eczema Association of Australasia)
      The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA) was founded in January 1994 with the mission of bringing community support, awareness and mass advocacy to the management and treatment of Eczema

      NS21 starts correcting the skin immediately as it intensely moisturises, soothes the itch, and supports the skin’s protective barrier, restoring skin back to its natural, healthy looking state.

      Use NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser together with NS21 Skin Repair Treatment to maintain normal skin function and help prevent flare-ups.

      •  Emollient rich
      •  NO sulphates (SLS / SLES)
      •  NO tear, no sting
      •  Nourishes and moisturises skin
      •  Suitable for all ages including babies

      A unique approach to skin repair. It is a concentrated cream which is rich in natural amino acids, vitamins, proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, plant extracts and antioxidants.
      •  Steroid free
      •  Intensive moisturisation
      •  Reduces itch-scratch cycle
      •  Strengthens and improves skin
      •  Nourishes and restores skin
      •  Promotes skin repair and healing

      •  Very sensitive, soap intolerant skin
      •  Extra dry and problem skin
      •  Irritable skin
      •  Dehydrated, itchy or flaky skin
      •  Skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis or Dermatitis

      •  Face, body, and hands
      •  All ages including elderly
      •  Babies - no-tear, no-sting formula
      •  Elderly - bed bathing. Can be used without water, no need to rinse off

      How to Use


      • Body - apply to wet skin, gently massage, rinse off with water and pat dry
      • Face - gently massage into wet skin, rinse off and pat dry. No-tear formula
      • Use in bath, basin or shower
      • Can be used without rinsing. Apply with sponge and pat dry
      • NS21 Skin Repair Treatment is recommended for use after cleansing

      Store below 30° C.
      For external use only. Use only as directed. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.
      Always read the label.


      Aqua (Purified Water)*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride*, Glycerin*, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Behentrimonium Methosulphate*, Ceteareth-20*, Hydrolysed Soy Protein*, Allantoin*, Zinc Sulfate, Lactic Acid*, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate*, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin*, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil*, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil*, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract*.

      *Naturally derived, organic or synthesised natural ingredients 


      A cleanser can contain soap and surfactants including sulphated surfactants (SLS/SLES).  NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser does not contain soap or surfactants including SLS/SLES.  It is emollient rich and does not contain petroleum (common in many cleansers).

      It is the scientific process whereby carefully selected ingredients (in the case of NS - natural ingredients) work together to enhance each other’s performance so that the outcome is far greater than each ingredient could deliver on its own.

      Yes, NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser has been independently, clinically tested for irritation on eczema prone skin. When applied to the skin, NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser is well tolerated and has been dermatologically tested not to cause irritation. However people can have reactions to any number of ingredients (whether they are natural or not), so we always recommend that the customer does a small patch test on their inner arm to check if they have any reactions before applying large amounts.  If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately.

      The natural active ingredients in NS, make it particularly suited to dry, sensitive and problem skin and as such is recommended by healthcare professionals in Lymphoedema, Eczema, Podiatry and Diabetes. 

      Yes, it is suitable for all skin types, particularly dry, sensitive and problem skin. It is suitable for the whole family including infants and the elderly. However, if irritation occurs discontinue use immediately.

      Using NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser should not be a concern during pregnancy, especially as it is formulated with natural ingredients, but if you are at all concerned please consult your doctor.

      NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser can be used during breastfeeding when applied as per the directions on our packaging.

      Yes, NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser is diabetes friendly and recommended by Health Care Professionals including Diabetes Specialists, Nurses and Educators, and Podiatrists.

      NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser is specifically designed for Eczema prone skin and NS21 is a supporter of the EAA (Eczema Association of Australasia).  NS products are recommended by Health Care Professionals including Eczema and Diabetes Specialists, Nurses and Educators, and Podiatrists.

      If you have skin prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or other chronic dry skin conditions then your skin will lose water and natural oils more easily and this can be further aggravated by soaps and sulphate surfactants, so using an emollient-rich cleanser is your best choice.

      NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser is an emollient-rich cleanser which does not contain soap or detergents which can irritate dry, sensitive skin and strip away natural skin oils. It is a non-foaming cream cleanser that not only cleans but also hydrates and softens your skin and helps support the skin’s natural protective barrier.

      Yes, NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser is recommended by Health Care Professionals including Lymphoedema Specialists, Nurses and Educators.  NS is petroleum free and does not interfere with compression bandages.


      Yes, NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser does not contain any animal derived ingredients

      No, NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser is not formulated with nut oils or nut products.

      People can have reactions to any number of ingredients (whether they are natural or not), and so we always recommend that the customer does a small patch test on their inner arm to check if they have any reactions before applying large amounts. If you have a reaction, stop using the product. We do offer a full money back guarantee, so please contact us for further assistance.

      NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser uses emollients to clean the skin. An emollient is an oily component that is softening or soothing to the skin. An emollient-rich cleanser means that the cleanser does not contain any detergents but contains emulsifiers which are able to remove impurities. Emulsifiers do this by breaking the sebum into small droplets which are easily dispersed into the large cream base of the cleanser so that the oil and dirt are swept away quickly and efficiently.

      The best way to get all the cream out of the pump bottles is to unscrew the pump, add some water and shake the bottle. You can then use the cream as a lotion!

      When NS Sensitive Skin Cleanser became known as NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser, there was a very minor tweak to the formulation, which involved replacing the preservative system. NS Sensitive Skin Cleanser contained, Sodium Hydroxy Methylglycinate, Phenoxyethanol and Sorbic Acid, which was replaced in NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser with Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin. The new preservative system is milder, more natural and has better skin compatibility. The other ingredients haven’t changed – it is just the way they are listed.  Previously we used Australian ingredient names, and these have been updated to the INCI names e.g. Cetomacrogol is now called Ceteareth-20, and Cetyl Alcohol is Cetearyl Alcohol. NS21 Sensitive Skin Cleanser should feel and cleanse in exactly the same way as NS Sensitive Skin Cleanser.

      Many people prefer emollient-rich cleansers because they tend to be milder and more moisturising.  They replace lost oils and inject nourishing properties into the skin, leaving a thin moisturising film behind on the skin, so that your skin feels soft and smooth, and dry skin loves it!

       Phenoxyethanol is an ingredient used to ensure that there is a robust preservative system at work in our NS products. Phenoxyethanol ensures that no bacteria, fungus or mould gets into our products, which can in turn and negatively affect your skin. It is critical that our products are 100% safe for you to use and so an effective preservative system is essential, especially for NS products because they contain a high percentage of highly active ingredients.  Phenoxyethanol is used at low levels in our products (it is only ever used at less than 1%). Some preservatives need to be used at higher levels, which can adversely affect the skin, while some natural preservative systems can be prohibitively expensive, which would make our products unaffordable. Plunkett’s uses Phenoxyethanol in NS products to achieve an effective and affordable preservative system, so that our products have a 3-year shelf life, and do not require refrigeration. NS products give you peace of mind because our products are safe to use.


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