SuperEven Dark Spot Eraser


• 40% reduction in dark spots*
• 88% overall skin lightening
• 90% reduced dryness and roughness

Buy SuperEven Dark Spot Eraser and receive a free SuperEven Dark Spot Correcting Moisturiser 60ml. Limit one per order.

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Product Info

• 40% reduction in dark spots*
• 88% overall skin lightening
• 90% reduced dryness and roughness

Powerful Even tone Complex™ visibly and rapidly lightens dark spots and brown marks on face, neck & décolletage.  Redness is reduced by soothing and reducing inflammation. This Serum also firms the skin by stimulating and protecting collagen and elastin and improves skin texture as well as reducing roughness, enlarged pores and dryness and for clearer, brighter, perfectly even toned skin in just 4 weeks.

• Evens skin tone by lightening dark spots without affecting surrounding skin, while also exfoliating discoloured surface skin cells.
• Reduces redness in skin tone by soothing and reducing inflammation.
• Firms skin by stimulating and protecting collagen and elastin.
• Improves skin texture by refining pores.
• Reduces rough and dry skin.

Clearer, healthier and smoother skin in 4 weeks, perfectly even skin tone and younger looking skin after 8 weeks.
• Skin is instantly hydrated, feels refreshed and revived
• Dark spots are visibly lighter
• Skin tone is lighter and brighter
• Redness and inflammation is reduced
• Multiple signs of ageing are reduced – lines, wrinkles and firmness
• Reduces blackheads, blemishes and pores
• Skin looks and feels healthier and more even toned

* Clinical study, 18 subjects, 4 weeks

Innovative skin lightener that reduces the appearance of dark spots. Works at multiple levels to inhibit melanin activity deep in the skin. Protects skin against oxidative and sun damage. Also helps preserve collagen and reduce roughness and dryness.

Potent combination of actives regulates production of melanin, reducing the appearance of brown marks. Soothes and reduces redness for more even skin tone.

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) that gently exfoliates surface skin cells and discolouration to reveal fresh, smooth skin. Also improves barrier function and collagen production and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Suitable for dark marks, redness, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.
Specially formulated for uneven skin tone.
Suitable for all skin types

How to Use

For best results, use morning and night after cleansing.
Apply all over face, neck and décolletage as required.
Allow to absorb, then apply your SuperEven Dark Spot Correcting Moisturiser Cream. Protect your skin with daily SPF skincare.

For external use only
Keep out of reach of children.

Store below 25° C


Water, Propylene Glycol, NIACINAMIDE, Methyl Gluceth-20, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, SYNOVEA HR (Hexylresorcinol), SALICYLIC ACID, Dimethicone, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, GLUCOSAMINE (Acetyl Glucosamine), Citric Acid, Xantham Gum, Triethanolamine, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Tetra Sodium EDTA, Fragrance


You should start every skincare routine with a gentle cleanser. Usually this is followed with a serum, then a moisturiser.

  • Collagen Lift Moisturiser is designed for normal to dry skin and is our premium day/night moisturiser.
  • Super Wrinkle Cream is for dry or mature skin and is also a day/night moisturiser.
  • Dark Spot Correcting Moisturiser is a cream that balances uneven skin tone by lightening the appearance of dark spots and redness for a more uniform, even skin tone.

  • De Pigment Accelerator Serum is for mild pigmentation (irregular brown marks, usually in distinct areas) and can be used morning and night.
  • Dark Spot Eraser Serum is for uneven skin tone including dark spots and redness, but it also helps reduce other signs of ageing, and can be used morning and night.
  • Exfoliating Skin Brightener brightens dull skin, reduces patchy surface discolouration and refines pores and blackheads and is only used at night.
  • Facelift Treatment Serum is a night time serum that combines Retinol, Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid to plump skin, smooth lines & wrinkles, improve elasticity and firmness and unify skin tone & texture.

All John Plunkett serums are easy to add to your skincare routine and should be followed with your favourite John Plunkett moisturiser.

Dark Spot Eraser can be used every day both morning and night.

We don’t recommend using Dark Spot Eraser inside the orbital bone. The skin is delicate in this area and only products formulated for use in this area should be used. As this area is thinner some of the product will automatically be absorbed from the cheeks into this area.


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Sue Dart
Finally something that works.

I have just ordered two more bottles of this serum as I am definitely noticing a lightening of my dark spots on my face. Also the skin feels smoother and looks more even in appearance. I have had the IPL treatment on a small area also, and yes it is painful. With this serum the bonuses are no pain, reasonable cost, even appearance all over, and no unsightly scabby blotches whilst healing from laser treatment. Yes it may take a little longer but it is much more gentler on the skin. I will continue to use this product and so glad I persevered with it.

Bells friend
Dark Spot Eraser is fantastic

Dark Spot Eraser seems to be a large part of the reason I look younger and having been without it for two weeks I see a difference in the mirror. It evens the tone and seems to keep skin from falling into wrinkles somehow. I think the name should be changed. If it had a different name I might convince my husband to use it to.

Effective serum for pigmentation and skin texture

As a previous customer, I was invited to be a registered reviewer and was sent SuperEven Dark Spot Eraser to use with the SE Even Tone Moisturising Cream for the first time. I am 60 yrs old with normal to dry skin with minimal wrinkles but have battled with pigmentation. I had a series of IPL laser treatment about 15 yrs ago that addressed large areas of chocolate coloured pigment. It was expensive and painful. I have since tried various serums that have been ineffective for remaining patches. UV photography showed a lot of sun damage which gradually rises to the surface over time. In recent times, I developed a persistent rash like texture to the skin on my chest.

I have used both the serum and the moisturiser for 6 weeks. The serum dispenses well and 1 1/2 pumps does my face, neck and chest. It absorbs quickly but I leave it a few minutes before applying the moisturiser. Within the first 2 weeks, I noticed the texture of my skin was transformed and is the smoothest it’s been in years, including my chest. My face looks clearer and dare I say, younger as a result. At 2 weeks, I developed some flaking skin near the mouth so just added in a heavier moisturiser at night for a couple of days. For me, the 2 products together are sufficient at night and I add an SPF day moisturiser to avoid extra damage. I didn’t notice fragrance. My frown lines and lines on my neck are noticeably diminished. I will be continuing use for the long term to get the best results.

Susane Belkhiati
My face looks brighter and clearer

I have been using the dark spot eraser for a while now and found it has drastically reduced some dark spots on my face.
I race Ironman comps and the training for these means long hours in the sun.

This time, however, by combining the dark spot eraser with the new Super Even Tone Moisturising Cream I've found those 'stubborn' spots have decreased in colour by at least 50%. The rest of the skin on my face looks brighter and clearer too!

Highly rate these 2 products, especially when used together.

Deborah Bolam
Actually Works

I am impressed this is actually the first dark spot serum that has actually worked on my dark spots, easy to use and a small amount goes a long way, the pump pack is a great idea, the serum flows onto my skin nicely, I have been using morning and night and I can really notice a difference in the dark spots on my face and neck, another bonus is it is made in Australia






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