SuperFade De Pigment Accelerator Serum

  • 66% visible reduction in pigmentation
  • Rapidly exfoliates skin's surface to visible reduce melasma and brown marks
  • Key Actives include Tranexamic Acid, Niacinamide & AHAs / BHAs (Salicylic Acid)  

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Product Info

• 66% visible reduction in pigmentation 
• Rapidly exfoliates skin's surface to reduce melasma and brown marks visibly
• Key Actives include Tranexamic Acid, Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid   

A common skin concern caused by sun damage, hormones, post acne scaring and skin trauma, pigmentation includes age spots, freckles, melasma, uneven skin tone and brown skin blemishes and John Plunkett's SuperFade De Pigment Accelerator Serum delivers overnight results and clinical improvement after just 28 days of consistent and regular use. Working from the surface down to transform dull, damaged skin by rapidly exfoliating discoloured surface skin cells, it also  targets mild pigmentation and lightens skin that has been damaged by overexposure to the sun.  It contains a powerful blend of BHA and AHAs including Ferulic Acid Cytovectors with clinical results after 28 days - 68% less visible dark marks and 80% fewer dark marks.

With overnight results, John Plunkett's SuperFade De Pigment Accelerator Serum is easy to add into all skincare routines.

Work within skin surface layers to visibly reduce pigmentation such as brown marks, melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that are water soluble and exfoliate the skin’s surface.

A Beta Hydroxy Acid that is oil soluble and can penetrate through sebum and clogged pores so exfoliates at a deeper level.

Cytovectors are a delivery system that delivers actives to the target in the intracellular compartment, which enable penetration, increasing speed and efficacy of the active ingredient. The active Ferulic Acid inhibits the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin that may cause pigmentation.

Stimulates cell regeneration. Anti-inflammatory protects skin, counteracting possible irritation from exfoliants.

Soothing, hydrating and restoring.

Suitable for all skin types, and especially formulated for anyone who has mild pigmentation, John Plunkett's SuperFade De Pigment Accelerator Serum reduces mild pigmentation and can be used in conjunction with the SuperFade Face Treatment Cream for hyper-pigmentation.

How to Use

Apply morning and night after cleansing, all over face, neck and decolletage. Use before SuperFade De Pigment Moisturiser or SuperFade Treatment Creams to prepare skin for spot treatment.

Sun protection is recommended when using this product as skin may become more sensitive to sun exposure.

Tip as suggested by dermatologists: if you have sensitive skin then start treatment at night only, using every second night for a week, then proceed to use every night for a week and then begin to use morning and night and as directed.

Suitable for all skin types, and specifically formulated for anyone who has mild pigmentation and surface discolouration.

Store below 25° C


Water, Alcohol, Glycolic Acid, Lactokine (Water, Milk Protein, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Lactic Acid, Lactose), Lactic Acid, Niacinamide, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Hydroxide, Tranexamic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract, Diazolidinyl Urea, Disodium EDTA, Diethyl Phthalate, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Fragrances.


You should start every skincare routine with a gentle cleanser. Usually this is followed with a serum, then a moisturiser.

  • De Pigment Accelerator Serum is for mild pigmentation (irregular brown marks, usually in distinct areas) and can be used morning and night.
  • Dark Spot Eraser Serum is for uneven skin tone including dark spots and redness, but it also helps reduce other signs of ageing, and can be used morning and night.
  • Exfoliating Skin Brightener brightens dull skin, reduces patchy surface discolouration and refines pores and blackheads and is only used at night.
  • Facelift Treatment Serum is a night time serum that combines Retinol, Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid to plump skin, smooth lines & wrinkles, improve elasticity and firmness and unify skin tone & texture.

All John Plunkett serums are easy to add to your skincare routine and should be followed with your favourite John Plunkett moisturiser.

No, it doesn’t contain hydroquinone. The formulation uses Ferulic Acid Cytovectors to target mild pigmentation.

Yes, unlike SuperFade Face Treatment Cream, which is a spot treatment, SuperFade De Pigment Accelerator Serum can be applied all over the face, neck and décolletage.

Morning and night after cleansing and before moisturising.

SuperFade Face Treatment Cream is an S2 pharmacy medicine as it contains the powerful active ingredient Hydroquinone. SuperFade Face Cream is a spot treatment and so should only be applied to the spot or area to be treated and is for use on moderate & hyperpigmentation.


SuperFade De Pigment Accelerator Serum is a cosmeceutical product and not a pharmacy medicine.  This serum can be used all over the face and reduces surface discolouration and mild pigmentation.

For faster results SuperFade De Pigment Accelerator Serum can be applied before spot treatment of SuperFade Face Treatment Cream.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
New formula A+

Loved this serum before the changes and was worried when I saw the formula had changed.
However there was no need to be worried. This new formula is even better then before. My skin is looking fantastic.
I am getting so many compliments on how clear and smooth my skin looks. Thanks Plunketts

Pigmentation is fading

Have been using the accelerator along with the super fade cream for approximately 2 weeks and I’m seeing FABULOUS results already on a dark pigmented area on my face. I wish I’d taken a before photo to show the results. This product is amazing

Thanks Karen.

A magical product

I've been using the accelator and superfade cream every day and night following the exact instructions for 2 weeks and my brown pigmentation and upper lip melasma are fading away at a very good rate. My skin also looks more smoother and glowy then ever before. I exfoliate and take care of my 40 year old skin so well to begin with that these results are just amazing!. Preety much i have stayed out of the sun all my life disliking sun baking but somehow pigmentation can occur just from driving in a car with the sun coming though.. i look forward to further improvement over the next 2 weeks. A must buy!

Perfect product for people in a hurry

I will preface this by saying that I am of African descent, that I have combo-oily acne prone skin, that I hate spending more than 15 mins on skincare routines and that I have lived under the Aussie sun for a good 7 years.

After 3 decades of not using sunscreen at all, I found that my skin tone was becoming more uneven, that my skin had turned dry, and that I had persistent dark spots due to ingrown facial hair+plucking.

During this pandemic, I spent 3 months reestablishing my standard skincare routine(Cleanse+exfoliate physically+Vitamin C serum+toner+moisturiser) to improve my overall looks, but my forehead, my upper lip and my sidecheeks were still visibly darker than elsewhere. The tan that I had built up over years just wouldn't go!

Since I don't wear make-up, I searched around to find if there was a way to bring out some glow on my face without using Hydroquinone or other harsh products. I decided to have a go with Plunkett's Accelerator and its mix of AHA/BHAs because it is Aussie-made and it addresses issues cause by the Aussie sun. I only used it at night because I don't trust having acids on my face during daytime with all those UVB rays.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything major to happen. But I was shocked to find that, after 5 days of use, my face was not only smooth and soft in the morning, but also clear and glowing. The tan is now gone and my face's undertone is now starting to match my body's, once again. I highly recommend this because it works!

Rovina Raven

My goodness, its magic, the way it gave me the glow and brightened me. I had lots of people asking me despite me having good skin already.






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