Arguably, our feet are probably the body part that experiences the most “wear and tear” which can lead to rough, thickened skin, callouses, and most commonly fissures AKA Cracked Heels. We run through our top 5 tips to keep your feet and heels happy this season!

1. Exfoliate

This one is a no-brainer, dry skin must be exfoliated to allow the actives and moisturisers to absorb faster and deeper which then helps to speed up the skin renewal process and achieve soft, smooth feet more quickly. There are two routes you can take – physically exfoliate with a foot file or exfoliate with AHA’s. There are positives to both and it comes down to preference, unless you are living with a skin condition or Diabetes.  When you have feeling loss, you run the risk of filing away too much skin and doing damage because you are unable to feel It. In this instance, you MUST go with a heel balm that contains AHAs. This way you can gently exfoliate without creating further damage.

2. Look for a Cream with Intense Moisturisers

Unfortunately, when dealing with the skin on your heels and the soles of your feet, any old moisturiser won’t do. Look for products with natural oils in the ingredients, natural oils will deeply moisturise the thickened skin while helping to create a protective barrier.

3. Consistency is Key

Like anything in this life, consistency is key. Watering your garden once will not make it thrive, and like with your skincare, diet and exercise routines, you have to tend to your feet regularly and consistently for healthy feet and heels! The secret to being consistent is keeping it simple, look for a product that does it all in ONE simple step, like NS8 All-In-One Heel Balm, for feet and heels that not only look great but feel great too.

4. Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Your shoe choice will have a direct effect on the health of your feet.  If you are standing for long periods of time then you need supportive shoes. Wearing an open-back sandal will not give you the support, therefore putting extra weight and strain on your feet which can then lead to cracked heels. When you exercise, make sure your trainers are correct for that activity e.g. don’t go running in thongs!

5. Choose Your Heel Balm Wisely

Not all heel balms are created equal, you need to make sure that they contain quality natural ingredients that will not only help to exfoliate and moisturise but also create a protective barrier to prevent water loss (especially in summer). Our NS8, 99% Natural Heel Balm Complex is a 1-step footcare solution. Made with natural AHAs like Lactic Acid to gently but thoroughly slough away dry and dead skin while the Urea and other natural moisturisers, intensely moisturises to deliver your best feet and heels, fast!