Get More From Your Aloe with These 5 Tips

Growing up in Australia some things are a given when it comes to the unrelenting heat of an Aussie Summer… thongs, budgie smugglers, a rainbow PaddlePop in hand, SPF before time in the sun and Aloe Vera after.
We love Aloe, it’s the multi-tasking hero of our bathroom cabinet – after sun, dry skin, itchy bites, hair care, wind burn, bluebottle stings… But it goes further than that! We have put together a list of our favourite ways to use Plunkett’s Aloe Vera Gel not only all Summer long but all year round!

  1. All Over Moisturiser
    Aloe Vera contains over 75 natural actives, like Vitamin E + C and is packed with amino acids and antioxidants which help to leave your skin hydrated and with a strong barrier function. Many people know Aloe Vera for soothing their sunburn but in fact Aloe Vera is not just for After Sunburn but is the ultimate hydrator after any extended time spent in the sun. Nothing hydrates and helps restore your skin quite like Aloe Vera.
  1. After Shave
    Aloe Vera has many well-known properties and it’s the soothing, cooling and calming qualities that make it the perfect after-shave gel. The red, sensitive, irritated, bumpy post-shave skin will be smoothed and soothed – whether it’s on your face or on your legs – with a little aloe vera love added to your post-shaving routine.
  1. Brow Gel / Hair Tamer
    Every. Single. Day. I use Aloe Vera gel as my brow-taming solution. Not only does it hold the hair in place all day but It’s also great for your follicles, actually helping to hydrate and strengthen the brow hairs. Bonus that it makes the perfect base as a make-up primer too. Plunkett’s 99% Pure organic Aloe Vera gel is also my go-to hair product for a slicked-back look (love a ballet bun). It provides the hold of a hair gel without the straw-like brittle texture.
  1. DIY Body Exfoliant
    Exfoliating is a must if you want smooth, glowing skin. We love using Plunkett’s 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel as a base for a natural DIY exfoliant, it’s as close as you will get to using the actual plant (Unless you're raiding the neighbour's garden) so you are getting the benefits of the 75 active ingredients, antioxidants, nutrients and sloughing away the dead skin as you go! Use Plunkett’s 99% Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel mixed with your desired exfoliant – brown sugar, oatmeal (for an extra hydration boost) or Himalayan salt to create a gritty texture. Start with ½ cup of Plunkett’s 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel and 2 tablespoons of the desired exfoliant as a starting base, then depending on your level of sensitivity, desired exfoliation and texture you can either add more of your exfoliant product to make it grittier or a little more gel to smooth and soften the texture.
  1. Hair Treatment
    Before showing run a generous amount of Plunkett’s 99%Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel into strands and scalp (add sea salt for exfoliation) leaving it on for 15-20 minutes. This allows sun-stressed and chlorine-damaged locks to hydrate and soak in essential nutrients to restore health and vitality. If you really want to step it up and get those strands looking ultra-glossy, then combine avocado and some natural coconut with your aloe vera gel to create a smooth green paste-like hair mask.
You can trust your favourite Plunkett’s Aloe Vera product to soothe, cool, restore and hydrate your skin whether it is using the popular gel format perfect for after sun and all the suggestions above, or the extra easy and gentle to-apply spray perfect for our runaway kids or particularly painful sunburn or perhaps one of the products from Plunkett’s Aloe Vera Hi-Potency range, all the potency and goodness of Organic Aloe Vera boosted with other after-sun restoring ingredients for when you prefer a creamier format or just something a little extra for your face and body.

Plunkett’s Aloe Vera, For All Skin, For All Reasons and For All Seasons.

Plunkett’s Aloe Vera is available across Pharmacies Nationally. Now also available in a value pack, 400mL Size Exclusive to CWH.